Rediscover You

If your life isn’t working for you at the moment, it’s time to take positive action to de-stress, heal emotionally and look at things in a whole new light.



MY story

Transformation is possible

In the summer of 2018, I was the most anxious I’d ever been in my life and my mental and physical health were suffering.

This ‘crisis’ point led to me finding spirituality and I started opening my mind and heart to a different approach.

I’m now the happiest I’ve ever been and I’m passionate about helping others to embark on their own journey to transform their lives like I have.




NBY Services


Whether you’re looking for help to gain a better balance between mind, body and spirit, find a network of like-minded women to embark on a spiritual journey with or would like 1-1 life coaching, you can choose from the services below.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Uncover your limiting beliefs and what’s holding you back so you can flourish in the future.

NBY Women’s Groups

Personal and spiritual growth in a group of like-minded women can make your journey easier.

Reiki in East Lothian

Reiki is a Japanese holistic energy healing technique which can be done in your home.


The techniques can help with phobias, trapped emotions and relief from pain.

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