Reiki in East Lothian

Reiki is a Japanese holistic energy medicine. It involves me channelling Universal life energy through my hands and into your body. You will be fully clothed and lying down or sitting in a chair, depending on what’s most comfortable for you. Reiki is completely safe and always works for your highest good.

I have been trained in Reiki I & Reiki II by a Reiki Master to use a hands-on Reiki technique which involves me gently laying my hands on specific positions on your body to allow the Universal life force to flow. I can also deliver Reiki using the hands-off technique if that’s your preference.

Each Reiki treatment lasts for one hour for an investment of £40 (payable in advance.)

The benefits of Reiki are now being recognised by the medical profession with some NHS Trusts employing Reiki practitioners.


Reiki can help to heal the whole person – your physical body, your emotions, your mind and spirit.


The energy within our bodies can become blocked or stagnant so it can’t flow freely. Reiki can help clear your energy centres.


Reiki can help induce deep relaxation, assist with pain management and lower the intensity of emotional stress.

“I have had several Reiki sessions with Jayne and have been amazed at the positive benefits I’ve experienced. I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough.”

Susan Cameron

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